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Ambiently semantically connects webpages of similar or related meanings
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Interest Related Discovery

You enjoy a Beyoncé song and want to know more about it. Just click to go to its ambient page.

Original webpage Beyonce Arr_b Ambient page Beyonce_amb
Learning Discovery

You know a website for learning geometry. Are there any similar good sites? They can be found on the ambient page.

Original webpage Math Arr_b Ambient page Math_amb
News Discovery

An ambient page of a news article page provides links to background information and related stories.

Original webpage Ocean Arr_b Ambient page Ocean_amb
Shopping Discovery

You have found a good product and want to compare it with the same or similar merchandise on other shopping sites. Try here to see what’s on the ambient page.

Original webpage Kohls Arr_b Ambient page Kohls_amb
People Discovery

Reading someone’s profile and want to know more? The ambient page shows you bits and pieces about that person on various sites.

Original webpage Guy Arr_b Ambient page Guy_amb
Fun Discovery

This is just an ordinary photo on Flickr. Even though there are not many related webpages to find, the links on the ambient page are still fun to check out.

Original webpage Fun Arr_b Ambient page Fun_amb